Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Glimpse Back

2008 started with no big frills for Dalyn and I. We've never really been big on doing things to celebrate, normally its to cold and I'm not a fan of the cold. Last year we spent New Year's Eve with two really good friends, Jon and Kelley. We rang in 2008 at the Flying Saucer, which is a neat bar in Nashville. We knew 2008 was going to be a big year because of Dalyn's impending graduation from dental school, something we had been counting down since he began.

January went by fairly uneventfully. In February, Dalyn took part two of his National Boards. This was a huge deal in our household. He studied for months on end for the test, and of course passed with flying colors!! February 2, also marked my mom being gone for 3 years. After 3 years that day hasn't gotten any easier and I dread the day for most the month of January. In February, we also got the news that our best friends would be expecting their first baby.

March marked a year that Dalyn and I had been trying, fairly unsuccessfully to have a baby of our own. At that point really no one knew we were trying. It wasn't something we had ever made a big deal of and didn't really want anyone else making a big deal of either. This is the point where we decided to seek a doctors opinion. We also made the big decision to move to Knoxville for Dalyn to attend a GPR. A big decision that has been looming over us but one that was fairly easy for us to make.

April was fairly uneventful. Which in hindsight was probably good because May was insane. We spent most of the month of May trying to prepare for the impending move. We made the decision to rent our house instead of sell. So we spend the first part of May trying to get it rented and also trying to find a place to rent in Knoxville. Dalyn graduated from dental school May 17, making him a Dr. !!!! Wow, it still kind of weirds me out to be Mrs. Dr. (hehe). Tragedy also struck us on May 17. A day that should have been filled with joy and excitement was shattered with loss. Dalyn lost his mentor and very good friend, Landon McGary, in a motor cycle accident. We received word on Sunday after Dalyn's graduation that Landon had passed away. We carry Landon's memory with us everyday. Landon was the entire reason Dalyn became a dentist and I know Dalyn will forever strive to prove himself to be the dentist Landon knew he could be. The last couple of weeks of May were a complete blur. They were spent packing and trying to prepare to move.

We packed up and made our move to Knoxville June 6th. Dalyn and I spent most of the month of June trying to get settled into a new house, new town and new life. I also spend the month searching for a job, which I didn't find. In June I lost a good friend from high school, Shawn Blanton. Shawn was a NC State Trooper and was killed in the line of duty on June 17th. Shawn had been one of my best friends since we were freshmen in high school. It was truly a tragic loss.

Dalyn started his new job the first of July, and I continued to remain at home without a job. I always thought I would love be a stay at home wife. I was wrong! I was so extremely bored. I spend day after day searching for a job. I don't think my house has ever been quite so clean because I had nothing else to do.

August finally brought me a job. I got a part time position at Tennessee Lasik Assoc. I am the receptionist but I absolutely love it. I have the best co-workers so I think it all worked out for the best. Dalyn and I also celebrated 3 years of marriage August 6. WOW how time flies!! It seems like just yesterday we were getting engaged. We also had a pretty big accident in August, our Yorkie, Boston, broke his leg in August. He had surgery two days after he broke it and we spend weeks tending to his ever need making sure he healed.

September and October went by in a flash. Its hard for me to remember what happened over those two months. In November, we welcomed Ashley and Tony's new baby, Reeslyn Belcher. We are so happy to have her in our lives and can't wait to continue to spoil her.

And next thing you know here we are celebrating a new year. Dalyn has been busy searching for a job for July 2009, after he is finished with his GPR. We haven't found anything yet but we will be sure to update when we do.

We have had a very blessed 2008. We lost several people but they will never be forgotten. We are looking forward to what 2009 has to bring. Also, I will post later what our New Year's Resolutions are going to be. I think I've made a pretty interesting and unusual one this year. We hope everyone had a great 2008 and has an even better 2009.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas is over

Well, I just wanted to post a quick note. We had a wonderful Christmas, as usual and feel very blessed to have been able to spend another Christmas together and with our wonderful family. We got quite a few amazing presents and tons of great food. We are headed back to Knoxville tomorrow. Its kind of sad because we've had a wonderful trip but we are ready to get back home and get a little rest. Once we get back home I will update everyone on all our great gifts and our great times. 

Hope you all had a very blessed and Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Party Take 1

We have several Christmas parties this week, the first being one last night. It was with all the residents Dalyn works with. We had a lot of fun and some good laughs. I thought I would post a few pictures of Dirty Santa that we played. FYI, we came back home with one gift we took and another that was almost as close. Here are just a few of the funnier pics.

Clint opened jumbo remotes but has no electronics to use them with!!
Jason was despressed when he thought his Santa was going to be taken away.

Trent attempting to steal Jason's santa.

Kathryn stealing her gift.

Jonathan got our gift! But I ended up with it.

Hope you enjoy!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Road Trip

This last weekend we took a quick trip to several places including home. We basically went home to spend time with Reeslyn (Ashley & Tony's new baby) and to do our yearly Christmas dinner/present exchange with them. I had spend several weeks knitting a baby blanket for her, it was one of the biggest projects I've ever done and truly was a labor of love. I wanted to post a couple of pics of her and I also posted one of her wrapped up in the blanket.

Sleeping like an angel!

Wrapped in her blanket


Her first bath and she hated it!!

Christmas in Knoxville

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I just finished all of my decorating and wanted to post a few pics of our tree and other decor.

Our Tree

Our fireplace mantle

Monday, December 1, 2008

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Its snowing here!! Its seems like its been a really long time since I've seen snow. We never really got to see much living in Nashville, and I have to say its one of the things I miss most from home. Dalyn and I are hoping that we'll get to go snowboarding a lot more often now that we're closer to the mtns.

Well, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving and had lots to be thankful for this year. Dalyn's parents came down and we had a wonderful dinner and spend quality time together. I love this time of year, it makes me forget about all the bad things going on in life and appreciate the wonderful things that God has blessed me with thus far. Although Dalyn and I haven't had the easiest year, we realize it certainly could have been a lot worse.

Over our holiday weekend we had our normal Black Friday shopping trip. Every year ends by me saying that I will not be so crazy next year and then I find myself in the same spot a year later. This year we did have several specific things we went after. Sampson, made waste out of our old laptop. He's pretty good at that. So we got a new laptop for $349, not top of the line by any means but it will suit our needs perfectly. Dalyn had also been wanting a GPS system, so we racked up one of those also. I feel like we had a pretty successful trip this year and I didn't leave the day saying I wouldn't do it next year. So who knows what that means, maybe I won't next year.

Also, we attended our last UT football game. Not something that was particularly heart breaking for either one of us, but something we've enjoyed for the last few months. It was also the last game with head coach Philip Fulmer. Also, not something that effects us either way but it was neat to be a part of the end of an era. I have several pictures from the game but they aren't on my computer yet so when I get them loaded I will post them.

Lastly, we have several very exciting happenings this week, none of which we are really discussing but we do ask your prayers.Hopefully, we will be able to update you as to where life will take us next year just in time for Christmas!!!