Monday, February 28, 2011

I've been. . .

a little absent. I know. Maybe a lot absent.

Dalyn and I are going through a very trying time right now in our lives. And I know the minute most of you read that sentence your minds are going to immediately jump to marriage troubles. But our marriage is wonderful. Of course, we could spend more time as a 'couple' and maybe not as much as parents but hey it's just where we are in this stage of the game. We (and by we, I mostly mean Dalyn) have been going through a very difficult time with Dalyn's work. I don't want to go into tons of details but to make a very long story short they have run out of money to operate the dental clinic that Dalyn works at. They are asking (well more like forcing) him to take pay cuts, forcing him to try and get rid of staff or worse trying to force him to ask them to take pay cuts. It's not been an easy road the past few weeks and I can kind of feel that we're about to come to a crossroads. I'm sincerely afraid that as each pay period goes by Dalyn's salary may either become less or worse, none. So we have been doing a lot of talking and even more praying. We truly don't know where things are going to take us in the next few months but we are trying to trust in God's plan for us. Please pray for us.

With that said, the other reason I've been so busy is because chasing after my munchkins' is a FULL TIME JOB!! They keep me so busy that I feel like I never have any downtime. I wouldn't have it any other way but when they go down for a nap all I wanna do is sit down and relax. I've also been really busy with our local mother of multiples group. It's not a very big group so I've been working with a couple of other mothers to really try to expand the group. Hopefully, all our efforts will pay off.

Everything else is going great! I have several post that I'm working on to catch up on things. Hopefully, I will have a second soon. LoL, I feel like those have become famous last words!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

finley & landry {nine months}

finley marie 

at nine months:
diapers - size 3
clothes - size 9 months 
teeth - 2 bottom teeth and 1 on top
sleeping - you sleep about 12 hrs at night (9pm-9am) and nap twice a day
formula - 4-8 oz 4 times a day
juice - you are now having juice with all your solid meals
solids - you aren't far from being on 100% table food. you eat like a pro. and try almost everything we have
favorite foods - graham crackers, mac n cheese, peas, green beans, steak (yes steak), yogurt. you really aren't a picky eater. 
bottle/sippie - still size 3 nipples and right now you are using straw sippiescrawling - you are a pro and can go anywhere you set your mind to
climbing - you are a climber for sure
walking - not yet, but you will walk around all your toys and will walk up and down the couch
talking - you are still my same chatty little girl. you are now saying ma-ma, da-da, bye-bye, and bah-bah
tricks - you can clap, chant like an indian, give kisses, love your baby, dance, snort, blow raspberries, 
favorites - your lovie. you have become a lovie girl. we are trying to buy a few extra because you refuse to nap/sleep without it. you other favorite right now is putting blocks down in your alphabet train. 

landry knox 

at nine months:
weight - 
height - 
diapers - size 3
clothes - size 9 months 
teeth - 2 bottom teeth 
sleeping - you sleep about 12 hrs at night (9pm-9am) and nap twice a day
formula - 4-8 oz 4 times a day
juice - you are now having juice with all your solid meals
solids - you aren't far from being on 100% table food. you eat like a pro. and try almost everything we have. you are however somewhat picker about textures than your sister
favorite foods - graham crackers, mac n cheese, yogurt, bananas and sweet potatoes
bottle/sippie - still size 3 nipples and right now you are using straw sippies
crawling - you are a pro and can go anywhere you set your mind to
climbing - i recently found you inside the dishwasher, need I say more?
walking - not yet, but you are ever so close. along with walking around things, you will now transfer from toy to toy and will even let go and step towards mommy or daddy. 
talking - you are becoming a pretty chatty little boy. you say ma-ma, da-da and bye bye. you also say what sounds like naner and pah-pah. 
tricks - you can clap, splash water on command and dance. but that's about the extent of your tricks
favorites - you favorites right now are definitely your dogs but even more, their bowls. you also have a thing for the back door. it's like a moth to light when its open. 

It seems like a long time now since you two were newborns. You are busy little babies but this has to be my most favorite stage so far. You are changing daily, and it seems like you learn something new everyday. I love watching you two interact with each other. I just know you'll be the best of friends. Just when I think my love for you two can't grow anymore, a new day dawns and seeing your smiling faces my heart grows a little more. You two have become my whole world and I can't imagine what life was like without you. Happy 9 Months babies!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This. . .

was my very poor attempt at a blog makeover. Stick to my day job, huh?

I found a very reasonably priced girl who I'm planning on contacting pronto to do a blog makeover.  I think the wait list was about two weeks so hopefully it will be done soon.

So, I realized my previous two post, were, well, depressing. It's been a long week and half or so but I'm trying to focus on the positive. Things have been fairly quite so far this week (I hope I didn't just jinx it). Finley is in the process of cutting one of her top teeth. She's been fussy to say the least. I can see it so I'm hoping it will pop on through soon.

In other news, Dalyn and I switched from AT&T to Verizon at the end of December and we just got iPhone 4's through Verizon. I was about to die with my old Blackberry. But on the upside of it all, we just sold our old iPhone 3Gs for $200 a piece last night!! Woohoo! Talk about a money maker!

Speaking of making money. I've been meaning to post about my diaper saver but I haven't gotten a chance to. So I thought I would link y'all up with with Mommy Wants Freebies. It has all the instructions and info you need to know. Be sure to surf on over there. I buy the insane expensive Huggies Pure & Natural, it seems like when I use the regular kind Finley always gets a diaper rash. Well, by doing this I've been getting about 420 diapers for $49. That's $0.11 a diaper! If you use the cheaper kind you could get an even better deal. So be sure to check it out and start saving. ITS SUPER EASY!!

I'm still working on getting the babes 9 month post up so hopefully I will have it up by Friday. Oh and speaking of Friday, I'm going to get my hair done Friday. Which is way way way way overdue. Here's what I'm thinking. . . .



Kind of a mix between these two. What do you think?? It's really short.

This pic was about two months after the babies were born. . . .
but I don't really think my hair was a lot different. Hopefully, it will look cute! I'll update y'all after I get it done.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Why is blogger on my iPhone upside down?

Why is my head still hurting 4 days later?

Why does it always happen the one spice you run out of, you need 4 tbsp in the next recipe?

Why is it going to take the repair shop until the first week of march to fix my hubby's car?

Why did someone feel it necessary to put base boards in a house? And why does it inevitably seem like all dog hair clings straight to them like magnets?

Why does my dog deem fit to pee in the floor after I've just spend the last hour vacuuming and mopping? Especially when the back door is swinging open?

On that note, why can't my house stay clean for longer than 10 min?

I'm determined all this will not ruin my Valentine's Day. We had a super fun play date with some other twin moms today and we may just be planning a little surprise for the special man in our lives later. Oh and did I mention I have two of the cutest Valentine's on the planet this year? And quite possibly two of the most michevious!

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day!! XOXO

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Funday

So after all my boy's 'ouchies' last week, I prayed for an uneventful week/weekend.

Well, needless to say, it.didn't.happen. PERIOD!

GRRRRR, can't a girl just get a break here!

Okay, much better. haha, not really but I tried.

Let's see where should we begin. How about we'll start with Monday. I got a phone call late Monday that I had a potential job interview for a very awesome opportunity. But I needed to have a suit. Great. Oh, but let's not forget that it was for the next day. And not only that I needed childcare. Oye, Oye! So I ran out to find an outfit. Luckily, I found something and in the meantime got childcare worked out with Dalyn.   ***Positive side note, I got my new iPhone 4 Monday night!!!***

So Tuesday, I ran around like a mad woman. Got the babies shuffled to Dalyn's work, to the interview, to get the babies, then home. I thought it went great, apparently it didn't because I still haven't heard. Then on the way home Tuesday night Dalyn hit a deer. Yes, a four legged deer. That most people shoot to kill. In this area apparently all you have to do is drive down the road. Please, keep in mind, this is the second deer we've hit since we lived here. Thankfully, Dalyn wasn't hurt, Dalyn's car didn't fair so well.

Wednesday, was quite, deep breath.

Thursday, it decided to snow. A moron driving a tow truck came to get Dalyn's car. I'm pretty sure he did about half as much damage as the deer. I also got the wonderful news that after I had already filed my taxes for the year that I was getting a 10-99 from my old job. REALLY PEOPLE!! So now I have to make an addendum.

Friday, I wake up hoping for a great weekend. WRONG! I had to be carted to the emergency room via ambulance. I thought I was dying! I've had mirgraines since I was 16. Nothing new. They have ALWAYS followed the same pattern. Aura (lasting from 10-15 min), numbness in my right arm and cheek (lasting 10-15 min), major headache (lasting all day). Friday, Aura (25-30 min) not normal, numbness down both arms and entire right side of body (2 hrs) REALLY NOT NORMAL. Add that along with tightness in my chest and I thought I was dying. They still have no idea what was wrong but after Reglan, Benedryl, Morphine, and Valum they sent me on my way. I'm going to follow up with my regular doctor. If any of you out there have a good migraine medicine, please pass it on!

Thankfully, yesterday and today have been uneventful. It's been a long week so I could really use a short easy week this week. We have our first play date tomorrow and I'm excited about it. Dalyn's car will hopefully be fixed sometime this week. And his parents will be here Friday. So here's to hoping things start looking up in our household.

Side note, I have 9 month olds!! 9 MONTH OLDS PEOPLE!! Crazy! Time is flying and I've been getting stuff for their b-days together. I know it's early but I'm also planning from 6 hours away. I'll have their 9 month post up soon. Can I just say, I'm LOVING this age. Although, they are very busy, they are soooooo much fun. I'll catch up with more on that later. Hope you all have a great week!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Boy & His Doggie

While we were afraid our dogs may have had a big adjustment to the babies, it hasn't been quite as bad as we might have thought. And now that the babies aren't quite so fragile I can see a true friendship growing.

These were a couple of shots I snapped yesterday of my boy and his new found friend.

As you can see in these pics it looks like Sampson is getting all the benefits but don't be fooled . . . .

I can't wait to watch the friendship between these to grow.

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Sunday, February 6, 2011


That's what we call bumps, bruises, cuts, etc in our house.

My poor little man has certainly had his fair share of ouchies the past few days.

Let's put this week's 'ouchies' in perspective.

Ouchie #1 - Thursday night while in the bath - nose dive straight in the water. I get to him within nano-seconds but apparently he sucked a good deal of water in.

Ouchie #2 - Friday - Dr appt where the finger prick they gave my buddy was the size of being sliced with a knife. (i questioned if a lancet that big was really necessary)

Ouchie #3 - Saturday - While daddy was changing his dippie he rolled over to crawl and took a huge knock to the side of his head. I mean pump knot so big I threatened the urgent care once or twice.

Ouchie #4 - Saturday - Right before bath time, my usually very sturdy stander, took another tumble and knocked the back of his head.

Ouchie #5 - Sunday - I know at this point your thinking maybe someone should call DSS, well this one may take the cake. We have a gate that we had bought but never put up, it was beside Finley's crib propped up against the wall where they couldn't bother it. But because Finley decided she needed the plastic off of it, we moved it behind the door. So this morning while we were playing around in their room, Landry crawled over and pulled it down on top of him. (on a side note, if you are considering calling DSS, please stop reading my blog. Accidents do happen)

So needless to say, my sweet boy has had his fair share of ouchies over the past couple of days. He's such a trooper though. He cries for a few seconds and then continues on to play. But here's to hoping this week is Ouchie-Free!!

Hope you all have a great week.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

9-Month Check-up

Just a few days shy of 9 months, we carted the babies (in a monsoon) to the pedi yesterday. First things first, they always weigh the babies and all that. Landry weighed 17lb 2oz and Finley weighed 16lb 13oz. I can't remember what their length and head measurements were. But the big news is that Landry finally hit the growth curve! He was in the 10th percentile for height/weight/head. Previously, he had been growing on his own little curve but it was a little less than the 'normal' curve. Finley is in the 25th% for height/weight and 50th% for head. (for the record I think it's all the hair that makes her look like she has a big noggin'). We had a lot of questions going in to this appt. So we nailed the doctor with our crazy list of questions. (P.S. I always tell new parents, make sure you love your pedi and they are patient with you. Our def is and I am very thankful for that) By the end of the appointment we ended with having to have Landry's finger pricked and having to have blood drawn sometime in the next week or so. The finger prick was to check his iron levels and the blood draw will be to check for food allergies. They are also going to be keeping an eye of Finley because she stands/walks on her tip-toes all the time. They are also going to keep an eye on Landry's speech. I think all of which is just pre-caution. Our finger prick b/w came back perfect. We'll go sometime in the next week for allergies and I'll report back for that.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!! We have gotten more rain than necessary the past few days. I know that are some of you that wishes you had rain instead of snow!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beautiful Memories

So I've written several times <click here> or <here> about what a wonderful person my mom was and what an amazing inspiration she was. And while I could certainly do that again, I think you can get the picture from the previous posts. My beautiful, amazing mother has been gone for 6 years today. Every year I imagine it would get easier but it never really seems to. Last year, I was in the midst of being pregnant and I didn't write a post for my mom. I wanted to celebrate all the beautiful and wonderful in my life and not dwell on the tragedy. That doesn't mean I didn't think about her, not many days go by that I don't, it just means I spent the day remembering in a different kind of way. It was refreshing and amazing and beautiful. And certainly the way I wish it could be every year. But this year has been . . . . . different. I am a mom this year. I have two amazing miracles. And she's missed the most important time in my life; my pregnancy & birth of my children. She's not there when I have a question or to celebrate milestones or just to watch the babies when I need a break. I know she would be head over heals for these babies and I think that's one of the hardest things. I want my children to know her, and what an amazing mother she was and what an amazing grandmother she would've been. I have no doubt that she watches over us and especially over the babies. So this year I wanted to remember my mom in pictures. And look back at the beautiful memories we shared for the 20 years I got to spend with her.

this was my mom @ christmas. i can't remember the exact year 
prom my senior year
this was the Christmas ('04) before my mom passed away. one of the things i'm most thankful for is she felt good for her last Christmas. And even though she has lost a lot of weight I think she looks beautiful and happy

hoover dam
grand canyon
i love this picture! i was my mom's world and even at a young age she was mine!
my mom loved dalyn. i think she knew from the second she met him that he was an amazing man. she loved to laugh and have fun with us
this picture was taken the day after dalyn and i got engaged
i love this picture of my mom and dad holding hands. 
always laughing and having fun together
The last thing I want to end with is a little story. The last few days my mom was alive in the hospital, we talked a lot. One of the things I kept telling her was that I was so sad she wasn't going to be there for my wedding. Thankfully, we had gotten to do a lot of planning together so she had been a huge part of a lot of it. But we had purposely moved our date up by 4 months in hopes my mom would be there. Unfortunately, she didn't make it. But she did tell me in the hospital. I won't miss it, I promise you'll know I'm there. Right before my dad gave me away we released a white dove in memory of my mom. Being a wild bird, we expected it to fly away immediately. Well, it didn't. Instead it fly up into this tree above the ceremony, sat there for a while and then flew down and finished watching the ceremony from the isle. After the ceremony was over someone was able to catch the bird and we got pictures with it. No doubt a very special moment and definitely let us know she was there. Someone kept the dove after the wedding and it ended up flying away a few days after we returned from our honeymoon. See pictures below. . .
where the bird first landed
if you look closely you can see the bird in the center of the isle
our picture with the dove
I love and miss you mom!