Monday, June 28, 2010

Mommy Must-haves {Part 2}

Two new items that I've recently discovered I can't live without.

Beco Baby Carrier

We tried the Moby wrap. Didn't work.
We tried Ergo baby. To hot for infants in 100+ degree heat!
We tried beco and LOVE it! And it comes with everything you need.
You can't see it that well but you can see my sleeping sweet pea. It was a hit for her too!!

Angelcare Movement MonitorThe babies aren't sleeping in the nursery yet. But they do nap there during the day.
I love that this senses movement and alarms when no movement is detected. Talk about a little extra peace of mind. Also the sound is great and has great range. Downside~with twins we had to buy two but they were well worth it.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Busy Bees

We've been busy the last couple of days with doctors appointments for both me and Landry. My boy weighs just over 8 lbs now. He had a bout with constipation so we took him in to be checked out. They said to give him prune juice, which I was convinced he would hate but he LOVED it!! I've never seem him suck an ounce out of a bottle so fast. The good news is that we got the results we were looking for out of it! I never knew poop would be such a big deal in our lives. I want to write more later about my appointment but for now I had to leave you with this picture.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Random Ramblings

I am still alive!
I finally have a moment to blog. . .
it could be short-lived.

We've had visitors over the past two weeks.
Great-grandma & Great-uncle Richard came to visit. . . . . . .
Nana and Big Papi came about a week later . . . . . . . .
We celebrated Daddy's first fathers day. . . . . . .
(oh yeah, mommy chopped all her hair off)

The babies had their first beach trip . . . . . . . .
okay it won't let me upload my last pic. edit to come

So momma is:
exhausted! but so blessed.

Landry almost experienced his first trip to the ER.
He cried screamed from 9pm-12am.
Momma tried her bag of tricks, Daddy tried his, Nana tried hers.
Our last resort before the ER, car ride. As momma went to put him in he fell fast asleep.
Momma cried, it broke her heart.
Next day, we switched formulas; now we're dealing with constipation.
But we see an end in sight!

Next night, Finley chokes on her medicine and stops breathing.
Daddy saves the day, momma cried again.
Two 'almost' trips to the ER in two days

So momma is:
frazzled, completely!

Oh and p.s. top it off with 30 Avent bottles that leak everywhere at each feeding.
And momma is:
really ticked off

But in all the happenings I am:
blessed beyond belief
in total awe and amazement
very thankful and
crazy in love

Life with twins is BETTER than I could've every imagined.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

finley & landry {one month}

Where has time gone my precious babies?
Makes mommy very sad that you are growing up so fast already.
finley marie
at one month, you:
weigh 7lb 2.6oz, up 1lb 8oz since birth
still wear newborn diapers
wear newborn clothes
scared us with a possible milk allergy that turned out to be nothing
drink enfamil gentlease & take about 3 oz every 3 hours
are using avent bottles with size 1 nipples
LOVE your baths
are a very alert baby during the day
fall so fast asleep at night we have to wake you for feedings
love your car seat but hate it being in the car
still sleep in your pack and play by mommy
still look like daddy although mommy found some baby pictures of her that shows you look a lot like mommy too
LOVE your swing
like to snuggle up beside mommy right under her arm but like to lay on daddy's chest
only seem to like avent paci's and you take them like a champ
don't get mad very often but when you do its so dramatic
are content but quick tempered (you get that from mommy)
are now taking 0.5 mL of zantac & it seems to be working great
are often referred to as "love bug," "princess," "dq (drama queen by daddy),"pumpkin head"
have dark blue eyes but they are turning lighter
everyone comments on your hair (how much you how and how pretty it is)

landry knox
at one month, you:
weigh 7lb 0.4oz, up 2lbs 6oz since birth
still wear newborn diapers
wear newborn clothes
drink enfamil gentlease & take about 3 oz every 3 hours but at times want to eat again after two hours. you are a growing boy!
are an alarm clock every 3 hours
are using avent bottles with size 1 nipples
are not as big a fan of baths and you pee every time
still sleep in your pack and play by daddy
look like mommy but have daddy's hands and feet.
have insanely long legs
LOVE your swing
will put yourself to sleep at night after your feeding
you take any kind of paci but only for about 10 minutes
are so content
are turning red-headed & have the temper to prove it
are a grunty boy. you are a noise box when you are awake. i think you like your presence known
are sooo smiley! you flash mommy and daddy big smiles all the time
are now taking 0.5 mL of zantac & it seems to be working great
are often referred to as "monkey boy," "my boy" and "little man"

You munchkins' are so insanely loved. Mommy and Daddy had no idea how much you guys were going to bless their lives. Mommy loves to see Daddy with you both. He's an amazing daddy and you guys are so very lucky to have him. Your grandparents call everyday and the first thing they ask is how their babies are. The circle of love that surrounds you is so amazing. I pray for you both everyday. I pray that you will grow to be strong, beautiful souls and that God will be your guide in life. I pray that mommy and daddy can lead you down the correct paths in life. Mommy is sad that time seems to be going by so quickly but she cannot wait to watch your lives unfold. I use to say love is so hard to put into words and I had no idea how true that was until I met you. Mommy loves you!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Due Date

Yesterday was our official 'due date' but I must say I could not have imagined waiting this long to meet my two tiny miracles. I think tell Dalyn a billion times a day what amazing blessings we have and how I still can't believe they are here. I treasure every single moment with them, even those sleepless nights when all I want is just 1/2 hour of sleep (which thankfully have been few). We have been so blessed to have two very content babies, they stay on their schedule perfectly and only ever really fuss if they need something. I feel like I am still learning their cries but have them pretty much figured out. Everyone thinks its so amazing how after so little time I can already tell which baby is crying. I think I had that figured out by like day 3. I am enjoying our bonding moments and how sometimes the only thing that calms them is mommies touch.

I have never had a more enjoyable, rewarding job then the one I have now!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where did 3 weeks go?

Our babies are 3 weeks old today! I can't believe it. I've tried to treasure every second but wow where did the time go. I had to take Miss Finley to the pediatrician today. They think she may have a milk allergy but we'll see. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated. But in the meantime here is a picture I snapped before we left.

Finley weighed 6 lb 8 oz and Landry weighed 6lb 6oz.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mommy Must-haves (So Far)

Obviously, this list would be different for every mommy. But these two things top my list so far and they could actually be for any mommy!

Diaper Genie II Elite Diaper Disposal System

Now, let me start by saying, we had loads of people tell us not to waste our money on one of these. But we got it off our registry and figured for $40 why not at least give it a try. I'll admit when I put it together my first works were, "This thing seems like a piece of junk." BUT it really does work!! This one has a little foot step on it so you don't even have to touch the lid, which comes in very handy, esp if you have two babies in your arms. However, my most favorite part of this is that it really does seem to help control odor. So for us this has been a must have so far!!

Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing - My Little Lamb

Our babies LOVE their swings!!! These things work magic. They could literally lull a baby to sleep in minutes. We don't have many late night, fussy babies but when we do they are life savers. They are also great during the day because after feedings I can just put the babies in there and get plenty of things around the house taken care of. I will say, ours swings side to side and head to toe and both babies definitely prefer side to side but I guess having a choice between both is nice.

Hope these reviews help! But as I said its different for every mom and baby!