Friday, November 13, 2009

Differences with twins

So of course I knew things would be different with twins but I'm slowly realizing just how different things are. I thought I'd just list a few of our most recent examples below.


Became This:


Became This:

The one thing I didn't expect is for This:

To become This:

So that leaves us with where we are today! Frustrated, miserable and stuck in the middle of the car buying fiasco!! I am to the point where I would just buy a car to be done with this whole process. I love a bargain! but car salesmen just really annoy me and I refuse to settle for less than what I feel like is a deal. I mean let's face it, do we ever really get a "deal" on new cars. We've been to every car lot with what feels like 100 mi radius just to be faced with the same things over and over. So tomorrow we're going to Carmax and one other Chevrolet dealership and for the life of me, if we don't come home and be done with this car buying ordeal tomorrow, I'm going to buy a roof rack and strap the little twinies in on top!! (just kidding don't call dss). So wish us luck, but mostly I think the hubby needs it :-)


Suzanne said...

I feel you pain....but it's all good in the end.

WantWait&Pray said...

I was JUST talking to my close friends about this. One friend suggested a "mommy and me" class for after the babies are here and I started talking through logistics of getting to a class, comforting 2 newborns thoughout the class, etc. Every once in a while, the realization that there are 2 really hits home! It's the most exhilerating experience though, and I'm feeling so excited for the challenge. But, I know what you mean in this post! :-)